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IoT Hardware Development

Device Rapid Cloud Integration

Embedded Development

Edge Computing

Smart Hardware Development

Custom IoT Gateway

Build Your IoT Platform

Custom based on ZedIoT Platform

Develop on 3rd Party Platform and Remote Control

Client-owned IP

Scale to Client's Needs

Data Analysis and AI

Real-time Data Processing

Algorithm and AI

IoT Data Visualization

Multi-terminal Control

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Based on ZedIoT, we offer integrated digital upgrade and transformation services for enterprises, covering both software and hardware solutions.

ZedIoT Gateway

ZedIoT IoT Platform

ZedIoT Smart Hardware

What Specific IoT Development Service Are You Seeking?

IoT Technology-Driven Industry Solutions: Empowering Your Digital Transformation

IoT Technology Solutions

Focused on IoT Applications, Solving Real-World Technical Challenges

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Rapid Device Cloud Integration

Enabling Rapid Device Connectivity to the Cloud and Remote Control

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Embedded Software Development

Building Flexible Embedded Applications for Enterprises

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AI Algorithm Data Analysis Platform

Building a Low-Code, All-in-One Algorithm Management Platform

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AI-Powered Image Analysis and Processing Platform Development

Offering Integrated Development Services for Algorithms, Edge Computing, and Platforms

Industry-based IoT Applications

Tailoring Integrated Industry Solutions with Customized Hardware and Software for Enterprises

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Industrial IoT Solution

Rapid Development of Industrial IoT Platforms for Enterprises

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IoT Device Management

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Equipment Health and Operational Status

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Logistic Solution & Warehouse Automation

Customized Integrated Warehouse and Logistics Smart Management Solution

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Fleet Management Solution

Precision Tracking of Personnel, Vehicles, and Assets

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CloudAnalysis and AI Algorithm Platform for Civil Engineering

AI Algorithm Data Analytics Platform

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Smart Medical Solution

Intelligent Monitoring and Remote Management of Medical Devices

Revolutionizing Enterprises through Advanced IoT Technology

  • IoT Technical Expertise
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Big Data and AI 
  • Gateway & Edge Development 
  • Hardware Development
  • IoT APPs Development
IoT Technical Expertise
AWS IoT Solutions

Utilizing AWS IoT for secure, scalable cloud-based device connectivity and data management

ThingsBoard Development

ThingsBoard can easily achieve device monitoring, remote controls, and data analytics. Save time for us to focus on Application Level development

LoRaWAN Communication

Ideal for smart cities, agriculture, and industry, providing a long-range communication solution

FreeRTOS Embedded Development

Real-time control and multitasking solutions for embedded devices .

OpenWrt Network Solutions

Routing and network solutions. Commenly used for smart homes and enterprise networks. 

Matter for Smart Home

Device development and integration services using Matter for cross-brand and cross-platform interoperability.

Cloud Integration Services
Cloud Platforms & Services

IoT Cloud Platforms collaborate with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing diverse services for IoT applications and deployments.

Cloud Protocols

Common IoT cloud protocols, like MQTT, CoAP, HTTP/HTTPS, and AMQP, are chosen based on factors such as device constraints, data volume, and specific IoT application requirements.

  • Implementing Microservices, RESTful APIs, Docker.
  • Communication Protocols
  • Proficient in AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud IoT, Kubernetes.
Smart Infant Crying Detection Product Development
Civil Engineering and Construction Security Monitoring Platform
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Powerful Luggage Wrapping Machine IoT Upgrades
Big Data and AI 
Data Security

Implementing robust encryption, access controls, and secure communication protocols are essential measures to mitigate potential security risks and protect IoT big data from unauthorized access or manipulation.

Database & Storage

Specialized databases and storage solutions, including NoSQL databases, time-series databases, and distributed storage technologies, efficiently manage the high volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data from sensors and devices.

AI & Machine Learning
  • Utilizing Tensor Flow, PyTorch, Predictive Analytics
  • Implementation of End-to-End Encryption, OAuth 2.0, Secure Boot.
  • Handling SQL, NoSQL, Big Data, Data Lakes.
RFID-based Smart Warehouse Management Platform
Blood Analysis Instrument Data Middleware
Agro-Meteorological Station and Information Management System
Gateway & Edge Development 

ThingsBoard serves as a gateway for IoT development, offering device monitoring, remote control, and data analytics capabilities. It efficiently connects and manages devices, enabling seamless communication and intelligent decision-making.

Edge Computing

Proficient in IoT Development, Edge Analytics, Fog Computing, and Real-time Data Processing for efficient and innovative solutions.

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Smart Body Health Monitoring Device Development
Smart Temperature Patch
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Powerful Luggage Wrapping Machine IoT Upgrades
Hardware Development

IoT Device Hardware

Smart connectivity requires sensors, connectivity modules, and ongoing innovations to address challenges like miniaturization, interoperability, and AI integration for improved efficiency and intelligence in connected systems.

Prototyping and 3D Printing
  • Specializing in Embedded C/C++, micro-python, RTOS, ARM Architecture.
  • Capabilities in CAD Design, Rapid Prototyping.
  • Development of Sensors, Actuators, Gateways, Embedded Systems.
Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are integrated into a variety of devices, from household appliances to medical devices, automotive control systems, and industrial machinery, involving hardware selection, customized software design, and often real-time computing considerations.

Online Bus Tracking and Maintenance Platform
Civil Engineering and Construction Security Monitoring Platform
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IoT Platform for a Chain of Restaurants in the Catering Industry
IoT APPs Development
Mobile APP Development

Proficient in React for web development, Angular for dynamic web applications, Swift for iOS, and Kotlin for versatile, cross-platform solutions, our team delivers comprehensive expertise in diverse technologies.

Android APPs Development

Specializing in Android IoT app development using Java/Kotlin, Android SDK, XML, UI design, APIs, Git, backend, networking, databases, security, testing, , and Google Play deployment.

Intelligent Control APPs

AI-powered IoT apps improve device control with Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, NLP, Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, IoT Protocols, UX Design, Device Management, and Collaboration.

Handheld POS application

Skilled retail workers excel in using handheld devices for sales, product tracking, payments, and customer service. They are also experts in device operations, data security, and staff training in stores.

Connected Vehicle Intelligent Cloud Control Platform
bluetooth device
Low Cost Home Bluetooth Gateway Development
Smart Greenhouse Elf Product R&D

ZedIoT Hardware Research and Development Capabilities

ZedIoT Hardware R&D
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Gateway: Edge Computing, Bluetooth, Zigbee

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Sensor Devices: IoT Sensors, Smart Control, Smart Meters

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Communication Modules: Custom Development


ZED-G3257 4G IoT Gateway

Integrates 4GLTE, Wi-Fi, serial port, Ethernet port and other technologies, and supports Modbus-RTU/PLC protocol


ZED-G308B Industry 4G Gateway

IoT-specific quad-core 64-bit processor RK3308B is used; Fully supports 4G LTE, NB-IoT, LoRa.



Low power saving industrial control host, compatible with a variety of operating systems, power on self-start

Meet Our Dedicated IoT Team

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Frontend Development


Backend Development


Hardware Development


APP Development

Uni-app/Flutter/React Native

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ZedIoT Team Helps Thousands of Enterprises Achieve Digital Transformation

Logistic Solution & Warehouse Automation

Custom IoT Development Empowers the Cold Chain Logistics Industry, Unlocking Digital Value

The client is a cold chain logistics company with numerous transport vehicles and refrigerated containers. To enhance management and ensure goods' safety and quality during transport, ZedIoT introduced IoT technology, creating an intelligent system for real-time monitoring, data analysis, remote refrigeration, and online renewal in cold chain transportation.

Vendor of Data Center Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Custom IoT Development Ensures Data Center Environmental Safety Monitoring, Unleashing Digital Value

The client, a century-old multinational enterprise specializing in cable wiring systems, sought to differentiate in the competitive intelligent cabinet market. With ZedIoT support, they developed a comprehensive ecosystem for monitoring and managing intelligent data center cabinets, significantly boosting product competitiveness.

Fleet Remote Monitoring and Management

Custom IoT Development Empowers the Connected Vehicle Industry, Unlocking Digital Value

The client supplies products and solutions to several automobile manufacturers, enhancing industry efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ZedIoT manages and analyzes their vehicles efficiently utilized sensor technology to create a smart vehicle management platform. This platform enables insurance companies and fleet management firms to efficiently manage and analyze their vehicles, enhancing decision-making in traffic services and vehicle control.

Industrial IoT for Factory

Custom IoT Development Empowers Manufacturing, Unleashing Digital Value

This platform, designed for a manufacturing factory in Singapore, is a customized "Industrial IoT Integration System." It incorporates advanced IoT technologies, including ZedIoT's proprietary electricity management tech, for efficient data collection and real-time monitoring. It enhances energy and equipment management efficiency in manufacturing operations.

Smart Agriculture

Custom IoT Development Empowers Smart Farming Management, Unleashing Digital Value

The client, an Australian solutions provider, specializes in farm operation software for large-scale farmers in Australia and New Zealand. They manage numerous machinery and farm plots, benefiting from mechanized farming's convenience but requiring effective management. ZedIoT employed IoT technology to enable intelligent planting management for them.

Industrial IoT

ZedIoT Empowers Industrial Equipment Manufacturers to Achieve Smart Management Upgrades

The client manufactures safety monitoring products for industries including petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, gas, power, and pharmaceuticals. ZedIoT developed a cloud-based gas environmental monitoring platform to remotely monitor blast furnace equipment. This platform integrates client devices for real-time data collection, analysis, and control, ensuring production safety and environmental compliance.

Smart Healthcare

ZedIoT Assists Medical Equipment Manufacturers in Achieving Smart Management and Business Growth

 The client offers global users analytical instrument systems and products. Specializing in in vitro medical testing equipment, their core business includes research, production, and sales. We assisted in developing a smart management platform for medical equipment, enhancing stability and reliability in managing devices like blood analyzers.

Smart Energy and Power Supply

Custom IoT Development Empowers the Energy and Power Industry, Unleashing Digital Value

The client, a leader in the electrical industry, seeks to advance technological innovation and industrialization. With ZedIoT's IoT expertise, we created a platform for online monitoring of electrical devices. This versatile product enables data collection, storage, and management within enterprises, supporting tenant management and ecological market oversight.

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  • 10+ Years IoT Experienced Team
  • Rich Middleware
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Rich Open Source Experiences

Expandable Solution

  • Modular Development
  • Microservices
  • Standardized Protocols
  • International Adaptability

Client Intellectual Protection

  • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement )
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Rapid Development

  • Agile & SCRUM Development
  • PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • MVP(Minimum Viable Product)
  • CI/CD

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