IoT Platform

The IoT cloud platform integrates sensors, communication tech, and data analysis for swift device interconnection and cloud management.

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Multi-protocol Support

Supports various communication protocols, including MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and proprietary ones

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Rapid Cloud Integration

Swiftly connect and control enterprise devices with our advanced gateway.


AIOT Scene Intelligence.

Having AIOT capabilities for diverse industry scenarios with image tech and data analysis.

Self-developed IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Lightweight IoT platform for secure and reliable device connectivity.

Connects a large number of devices and supports data collection to the cloud.

Interfaces with servers, providing cloud APIs for remote control.

Enables servers to issue commands to devices through cloud API calls.

Meets device management needs for various application scenarios


IoT Platform Products

Device Access

Support N+ Mainstream IoT Protocols

Data Processing

Collect data and send to cloud for processing and analysis

Custom Development

Customized secondary development based on user needs

Industry Application

Meet the access needs of different devices

  • Building Energy Platform
  • Environmental Platform
  • Warehouse Platform
  • Vehicle Platform
  • Charging Station Platform
  • Firefighting Platform
Building Energy Platform

Building Energy-saving Platform

The smart building energy management platform integrates sensors and intelligent algorithms to monitor and analyze real-time energy consumption. It offers energy-saving solutions and live monitoring, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Energy Consumption Data Monitoring

It captures detailed energy data in buildings using real-time monitoring sensors and devices.

Excessive Energy Consumption Warning

The platform sets energy quotas for units, issuing warnings for excess, improving energy efficiency management.

Energy Optimization Recommendations

The platform suggests energy-efficient improvements based on data analysis, enhancing user efficiency and sustainability.

Data Statistical Analysis

The platform analyzes collected energy data and generates reports, including energy utilization rates and sub-metering statistics.

Environmental Platform

Gas Environmental Monitoring Platform

The gas environmental monitoring platform integrates sensors, data analysis, and real-time alarms, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of gas concentrations in the environment. It provides real-time alarms and data analysis to ensure the health and safety of personnel and the environment.

Device Access Management

Connects to diverse gas monitoring devices, including temperature, humidity, harmful gases, CO₂, SO₂, NO2, ozone, and other sensors.

Data Acquisition and Transmission

Collecting gas data with sensors, transmitting it to the cloud via IoT for real-time monitoring and remote management.

Data Analysis and Early Warning

Analyze and process collected gas data, issue alerts for abnormal readings based on set thresholds and rules, and prompt relevant personnel.

Data Analytics Report

Visualize gas data in real-time, playback historical data, and generate statistical reports for environmental assessment and decision support.

Warehouse Platform

Intelligent Storage Management Platform

The intelligent warehouse management platform integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technology, big data analytics, and intelligent algorithms, enabling the intelligent management of warehouses, including inventory management, cargo tracking, job scheduling, etc. This enhances warehouse efficiency and accuracy, while reducing costs and manpower.

Inventory Management

Automated tracking and managing of inventory, including real-time updates on goods entering, exiting, and moving, and alerts shortages or excess.

Cargo Tracking

Enhance logistics with real-time tracking using RFID, barcodes, and other technologies for precise location and traceability of goods.

Smart Dispatching

Optimize workflow and boost efficiency by intelligently scheduling tasks based on goods priority and warehouse conditions

Data Sharing

Facilitates data integration and sharing with systems like supply chain management and ERP, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Vehicle Platform

Vehicle Management Platform

The smart vehicle transport management platform integrates IoT technology, data analysis, and intelligent scheduling algorithms. It enables real-time monitoring, optimizing routes, and reducing transportation costs.

Vehicle Monitoring and Management

The platform enables real-time monitoring of vehicles, ensuring transport safety by tracking location, speed, and routes to minimize risks.

Vehicle Dispatch Management

Optimize transport efficiency and reduce costs through dynamic scheduling based on demand and vehicle status.

Cargo Tracking Management

The platform enables real-time tracking and management of goods, ensuring their safety and minimizing loss by monitoring location, status, etc.

Vehicle Operations & Maintenance Management

Manage vehicle maintenance online, including upkeep, repairs, and inspections, to ensure smooth operation and extend lifespan.

Charging Station Platform

Charging Station Management Platform

The charging station management platform integrates smart charging piles, remote monitoring, and management systems for intelligent control, convenient charging services, and real-time data analysis.

Charging Station Equipment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring provides operators with instant insights into charging station performance, including operational status, power, and duration.

Charging Station Remote Control

Remote control and manage charging stations, optimizing operations by controlling charging start/stop, adjusting power, and setting prices.

Failure Warning & Remote Maintenance

Real-time monitoring detects charging station faults (e.g., charging interface issues) and promptly alerts the operator for maintenance.

Data Statistics Report

Analyze and visualize usage data for charging stations to help operators understand trends and make informed decisions.

Firefighting Platform

Intelligent Fire Protection Platform

The intelligent firefighting management platform enables real-time monitoring and management of building fire equipment and safety status. It provides real-time warnings, video remote monitoring, and enhances firefighting safety and response speed, ensuring the safety of lives and property.

Fire Equipment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for firefighting equipment, such as water sources, sprinkler systems, ensuring optimal function and early fault detection.

Fire Alarm System

Devices like smoke detectors and temperature sensors provide real-time fire monitoring and warnings, sending timely alarms via mobile messages.

Online Equipment Maintenance

Support efficient and effective management of fire safety, including inspections and emergency plans, to enhance overall safety.

Fire Safety Management

Admins handle backend inspection orders, ops use the app for quick device reporting, cutting maintenance costs.



Logistic & Warehouse




Product Advantages

Equipment integration ic

Platforms in various industries meet diverse needs.

Compatibility with the access requirements of various industries.

The product is mature and stable, with transparent pricing.


Flexible Customization

Support for secondary development.

Provide industry-specific solutions.

Having strong compatibility and scalability.

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Safe & Efficient

Supports private deployment

Boost production safety with advanced device alerts.

Improve enterprise operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Product Value

Enable data collection, analysis, and control for improved efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced security by connecting and integrating IoT devices and systems. Offer thousands of enterprises smarter, automated management, and decision support.

Enhance Competitiveness

Businesses can boost product reliability and competitiveness by using IoT cloud platforms for remote device monitoring and management.

Improve production efficiency

IoT cloud platform can help enterprises grasp device status and production situations in real time, enhance production efficiency, and reduce production costs

Reduce costs

Using IoT platforms, businesses can visualize and transparently manage assets and supply chains, reducing operational costs.

Why Choose ZedIoT?

R&D Experienced

Over 10 years of Internet of Things (IoT) implementation experience, serving hundreds of industries and 2000+ clients.

Leading in Technology

Having a professional technical team capable of providing customers with high-quality Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Price Advantage

Competitive prices and flexible solutions, reliable quality, transparent pricing.

After-sales Guarantee

Provide high-quality support services, including training, technical support, and after-sales service.

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Industry Success Cases


Selected Success Cases

We created a SaaS blast furnace gas safety monitoring platform. It issues alarms for device issues, and administrators can remotely control operations to minimize losses, ensuring environmental and safety standards in industrial gas monitoring.

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