Smart Logistics Cold Chain Transportation Management Platform for a Cold Chain Transportation Company

Smart Logistics cold chain platform hleped client to achieve remote operation and maintenance of equipment and data visualization, improving equipment operation efficiency.

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Client Background

The client is a company in the cold chain transportation industry with hundreds of refrigerated transportation vehicles and cold storage containers.

Client Objectives

The client required IoT transformation of their existing cold storage containers to enable remote monitoring, remote refrigeration, and online contract renewal.

They also sought to visualize equipment data and improve operational efficiency through statistical analysis of operational data. Additionally, they aim to build proprietary and integrate external interfaces to enhance the outbound order splitting process, achieving comprehensive data management and improving leasing, recharge, and invoicing efficiency.

Tech Architecture


Functional Features

icon smart phones

Real-time monitoring and warning of cold box temperature and humidity

icon visual effect

Equipment management and maintenance

icon warn

Data visualization display and analysis, supporting export in report format

icons select

Backend management of leasing and refrigeration services

icon code

User WeChat mini program for lease renewal application

Real-World Result

After successful delivery, we are currently assisting the customer with iterative development of the platform due to market demands.

Team Structure

Project Manager & Architect (1 person)

Product Manager (1 person)

Test Engineer (1 person)

Senior Back-end Developer (2 persons)

Senior Front-end Developer (2 persons)

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