Powerful Luggage Wrapping Machine IoT Upgrades

A new, innovative airport baggage protection solution that included PLC development, machine controls, staff monitoring, point-of-sale and cloud data.

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Sydney airport, the busiest airport in Australia, provides services to millions of passengers every year. While you passed check-in part H, you probably notice the big the luggage wrapping machines around. These machines can quickly seal the bags with recyclable clear plastic in 15 seconds. We wrote all the program to control the big machines, cloud management service and all related technical points.

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Client's Requirements

PLC programming

Collect the sensor information and control the wrapping machine different motors to work as designated speed and round of times so that the bags can be well wrapped while saving the plastic materials.

Touchable Application Programming

The PLC is controlled by a touchable tablet, and we developed the APP with control interface to communicate with the PLC and collect information and send to cloud server.

Staff management

.Allow staff to check-in and check-out, calculating the work hours, etc.

Data report and analysis

Develop reports for the daily revenues by staff and time.


Our team designed a cloud based solution for the project. All data are transferred to the database in the cloud in the real time.

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Seeking IoT Development Guidance?