Low Cost Home Bluetooth Gateway Development

Low Cost Home Bluetooth Gateway Development

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With the promotion of Bluetooth wireless communication technology, it provides a lot of convenience for the broad audience, but at the same time, the short transmission distance of Bluetooth also brings a lot of scene restrictions. In order to solve this problem, many manufacturers use the strategy of collecting data through Bluetooth gateway and then uploading the network protocol to the server to solve this problem.

chip map

Project Requirements

  • The cost of a single set of hardware is less than 100 RMB.
  • With screen display.
  • It has the function of connecting WiFi.
  • It has the function of fast distribution network.
  • With rechargeable lithium battery power supply function.
  • With firmware remote OTA function.

Implementation Plan

Lexin ESP32 solution is adopted, which has WiFi and BLE functions, and the price is low. The firmware is written in Ardunio framework, and C + + language is used to realize Bluetooth data acquisition/analysis/upload.

Feature Highlights

  • Remote OTA function
  • Both WiFi and BLE functions
  • The screen displays the current data information and alarm information

Main R & D work

Gateway Development (Hardware Development + Firmware Development)

  • Selection of gateway component module
  • Schematic and PCB design
  • Firmware writing
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