Customized IoT Solutions

ZedIoT specializes in providing holistic and tailored IoT solutions, with extensive expertise in hardware design, IoT cloud platform development, and customization.

Smart Medical Solution
Equipment Transformation
System integration ic
Industrial IoT Monitoring
rfid warehouse management
RFID Warehouse Management

Benefit from Our Expertise in IoT Solutions

Unleash Tailored Solutions for Hardware Gateways, Sensors, Communication Modules, and Smart Devices with Zed-IoT's Universal Platform! Seamlessly Customize Scenario-Based Functions for Your Unique Needs, Empowering Efficiency and Flexibility.

IoT Cloud Platform Development

  • IoT Devices Access
  • Visual Monitoring Big Screen
  • Intelligent Algorithms
  • Supports Customization
IoT Devices Access

IoT Devices Access

ZedIoT IoT Platform supports MQTT, ModBus TCP, CoAP and other protocols.

Visual Monitoring Big Screen
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Visual Monitoring Big Screen

ZedIoT IoT Platform supports various industries' big screen customization which helps clients know the equipment operation data, equipment alarm, and other key information.

Intelligent Algorithms

Intelligent Algorithms

Our Advanced Algorithms Analyze Equipment Data for Smart Management. Successfully Deployed in Diverse Fields Such as Smart Homes, Healthcare, and Industrial Manufacturing, Our Solutions Pave the Way for Seamless Intelligence.

Supports Customization
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Supports Customization

Our distinctive approach to the development process empowers us to craft flexible and scalable IoT solutions, seamlessly expandable to meet evolving needs.





Hardware Design and Development

ZedIoT Delivers Expert Hardware Design and Development Services Tailored to Your Insights. Our Comprehensive Product Development Spans Circuit Board Design, Embedded System Development, and Customized Hardware Solutions. Prioritizing Compatibility, Stability, and High Performance, We Offer Small-Batch Production and Cost-Effective Component Selection to Optimize Your Success.

Embedded System Development

  • MCU development
  • Linux/OpenWRT/FreeRTOS development

Circuit Board Design & Development

  • Circuit design and simulation
  • PCB layout

Prototype to Production

  • PCBA manufacturers
  • Cost-effective component

IoT Challenges We Solved

ZedIoT's customized IoT solutions address universal industry challenges and can be tailored to specific industry needs to tackle more complex business challenges.

Seamless device connetivity and communication

Data Data-driven business decision making

Maximizing Device Longevity through Strategic Utilization

Data-driven cost reduction and efficiency strategies

Proactively address security concerns before they arise

Tailor solutions for specific industries

ZedIoT Solution Features

Integrated hardware and software solutions provided by ZedIoT comprehensively cover a spectrum of IoT requirements and effectively tackle business challenges. Our solutions, highly customizable and tailored to specific industry needs and scenarios, ensure an optimal

fit for heightened effectiveness.

One-Stop Solution

Hardware and software solutions that meet various IoT needs and address business challenges.


IoT terminal devices across different protocols can be integrated with the support of our solutions


IoT solutions are rapidly developed and delivered, accelerating time to market and business deployment.


Highly customizable, our offerings are tailored to specific industry needs and scenarios.


Expenses are minimized while fulfilling client needs, offering the best value for investment through our solutions.


Rigorous testing and verification are undertaken for our solutions, ensuring stability and reliability.

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