Industrial IoT Application System for Manufacturing Factories

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The customer is an overseas testing equipment manufacturing and sales company. With business expansion, they require the transformation of their existing factory production equipment and processes into an intelligent industrial IoT system. This will enable equipment health monitoring, material management, production process monitoring, and environmental monitoring, achieving end-to-end IoT sensing. The system will feature visualized large screen displays and real-time monitoring via mobile devices, aiming to comprehensively enhance production management and reduce production costs.


Main Functions

  • Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control Center:

Utilizing wired and wireless gateways and intelligent devices, this platform transfers collected data to a central processor, which then uploads it to a cloud-based platform and distributes it to various subsystems. This enables centralized data processing for all devices.

  • Visualization Monitoring of Equipment Data:

The platform provides visual monitoring for production enterprises, including equipment status parameters, environmental parameters, and production management process data. Devices can be grouped and categorized, simulating actual scenarios such as distribution boxes and rooms. With the use of intelligent rule engines, real-time alerts and alarms can be generated for abnormal device conditions, facilitating efficient management of production processes on the production line.

  • Data Statistics and Reporting:

The platform offers rich reporting and analysis capabilities. It allows for year-on-year and month-on-month analysis based on various parameters of power equipment. It also enables comparison of actual consumption of similar devices under the same or different environments, providing precise big data support for subsequent analysis functions and security strategies of the platform.

  • Energy-saving Potential Analysis and Consumption Reduction Techniques:

Through energy consumption monitoring systems, data storage, and comparative analysis, the platform identifies energy consumption causes. Based on the analysis results, it enables cost control and planning for the platform's future development.

System Showcase

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new framework

Project Achievement

At present, the system has been successfully operated in customers' factories at home and abroad to provide smart electricity safety services.

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