Smart Body Health Monitoring Device Development

Smart Body Health Monitoring Device Development

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Project Background

The global aging population has led to an increasing demand for caregivers in nursing homes. The client aims to develop an intelligent health monitoring device to address this issue. The goal is to enable a single caregiver to attend to multiple elderly individuals, reduce caregiver expenses, and provide more precise care for the elderly.

Project Requirements

  • Powered by button batteries, providing a usage time of over 2 months.
  • Utilizing low-power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for data transmission.
  • Capable of issuing alerts for dangerous situations such as falls.

Our Solution

The device utilizes a low-power Bluetooth solution to collect data from corresponding sensors such as accelerometer and temperature sensors. The collected data is then uploaded to a server via a gateway. The server further processes and analyzes the data to determine the user's current posture and body temperature status. The resulting information is then forwarded to a monitoring terminal for timely and effective handling.


Main R&D Work

Development of Monitoring Product (Hardware Development + Firmware Development)

  1. Component selection for the product
  2. Design of the product schematic diagram
  3. PCB layout design for the product
  4. Firmware development for the product

Gateway Development (Hardware Development + Firmware Development)

  1. Component selection for the gateway
  2. Design of the schematic diagram and PCB layout for the gateway
  3. Firmware writing

Project Highlights and Achievements

  • Ultra-low power consumption, with an average operating current of approximately 29uA.
  • Equipped with remote OTA functionality for convenient firmware updates.
  • Includes features such as monitoring human body movement status and issuing danger alerts.

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