IoT Platform for a Chain of Restaurants in the Catering Industry

We help clients achieve unified management and energy saving of chain restaurant equipment by IoT platform

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Client Background

The client is a chain of restaurants with multiple locations. With the increase in the number of chain shops, the client is faced with the difficulty of managing and operating branded shops

Client Objectives

The client urgently needs to customize a set of IoT platform including equipment management, energy consumption management, data security and other applications to help the client improve the efficiency of all services in the catering chain, unify the management of personnel and equipment in each shop, and achieve intelligent transformation. 

ZEDIoT Solution

Intelligent control of facility equipment

Use data analysis and algorithms to optimize equipment operation and power consumption while maintaining a safe service environment.

Real-time monitoring and early warning

Continuously monitor key equipment, triggering timely alarms and automatic safety measures.

Predictive maintenance

Utilize sensor data and analysis for proactive equipment upkeep, reducing the risk of operational disruptions.

Automation and control

Implement sensor-based equipment control and rule-based algorithms for improved operational efficiency and customer service.

Team Structure

Project Manager (1 person)

Product Manager (1 person)

Architect (1 person)

Front-end Developers (1 person)

Back-end Developer (1 person)

QA Engineer (1 person)

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