Remote Platform for Electrical Distribution Station

Our iot platform helps enterprises achieve "unattended" and proactive preventive maintenance of the entire power station

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Client Background

The client is a research institute in the electrical industry, dedicated to the standardization work of the low-voltage electrical appliances, small and medium-sized motors, and radio interference industries .

Client Objectives

With the arrival of the intelligent era, Client needs to achieve digital management and unmanned guarding of distribution stations etc. by making a standardised platform for the electrical appliances industry.

ZEDIoT Solution

Real-time monitoring, storage, querying, and visualization of equipment

Early alarms for values exceeding standards, preventing structural damage, and economic losses

Ecosystem marketplace for product publishing and order management.

API integration for seamless data sharing with an analysis platform

System Display


Real-World Results

Improved operational efficiency

Reduces manual interventions and enhances operational efficiency and accuracy.

Reduced operational costs

Decreases the costs associated with manual inspections and repairs.

Enhanced power service level

Increases the reliability and stability of power facilities.

Ensured power safety

Real-time monitoring and early warning systems enable timely detection.

Team Structure

Project Manager (1 person)

Product Manager (1 person)

Front-end Developer (2 persons)

Java Developer (2 persons)

App Developer (2 persons)

Test Engineer (1 person)

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