Fleet Management Development Service

ZedIoT provides fleet management software and hardware development services aimed at automating fleet managers' tasks and improving company performance. Our experts utilize cutting-edge technology to minimize operational expenses, boost profitability, and offer enhanced fleet control.

Fleet Management Development

Services We Offer

We specialize in crafting custom fleet management systems tailored to your unique needs. Our innovative applications streamline processes, boost efficiency, and drive your business forward. Experience the difference with ZedIoT.

Product Evaluation

We have rich experience supporting fleet managers in evaluating their current fleet management software to optimize it or understand the needs for building from scratch. We specialize in analyzing GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance, and fuel cost management etc. Our expertise provides actionable recommendations to optimize your system for better efficiency and performance.

Existing Product Maintenance & improvement

Elevate your fleet management software with our dependable maintenance services. Not only do we provide reliable upkeep, but we also excel in secondary development, seamlessly integrating new features and upgrades. Experience streamlined fleet management and minimized software expenses with our tailored solutions. From refining route optimization to enhancing maintenance capabilities, we ensure your software operates at peak performance levels.

Product Design & Development

Our expertise lies in the design and development of cutting-edge fleet management systems, with a focus on IoT software and hardware. We excel in crafting solutions that enhance your fleet tracking software, offering advanced features to optimize routes, manage fuel expenses, streamline vehicle maintenance, and provide precise GPS tracking. Our tailored approach ensures an efficient fleet tracking experience customized to meet your unique requirements.

Dedicated Development Team

As a premier fleet management service provider with a 10 years industry expertise, we specialize in offering staff augmentation services to enhance your team with our skilled fleet management app developers. Whether you require the integration of new features into your fleet maintenance software or the streamlining of your fleet management integration process, we deliver the proficiency necessary to elevate your operations.

IoT Platform Products

  • Fleet Management Platform
  • Charging Station Platform
Fleet Management Platform

Vehicle Management Platform

The smart vehicle transport management platform integrates IoT technology, data analysis, and intelligent scheduling algorithms. It enables real-time monitoring, optimizing routes, and reducing transportation costs.

Vehicle Monitoring and Management

The platform enables real-time monitoring of vehicles, ensuring transport safety by tracking location, speed, and routes to minimize risks.

Vehicle Dispatch Management

Optimize transport efficiency and reduce costs through dynamic scheduling based on demand and vehicle status.

Cargo Tracking Management

The platform enables real-time tracking and management of goods, ensuring their safety and minimizing loss by monitoring location, status, etc.

Vehicle Operations & Maintenance Management

Manage vehicle maintenance online, including upkeep, repairs, and inspections, to ensure smooth operation and extend lifespan.

Charging Station Platform

Charging Station Management Platform

The charging station management platform integrates smart charging piles, remote monitoring, and management systems for intelligent control, convenient charging services, and real-time data analysis.

Charging Station Equipment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring provides operators with instant insights into charging station performance, including operational status, power, and duration.

Charging Station Remote Control

Remote control and manage charging stations, optimizing operations by controlling charging start/stop, adjusting power, and setting prices.

Failure Warning & Remote Maintenance

Real-time monitoring detects charging station faults (e.g., charging interface issues) and promptly alerts the operator for maintenance.

Data Statistics Report

Analyze and visualize usage data for charging stations to help operators understand trends and make informed decisions.

Our Expertise

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Crafting fleet management software necessitates expertise in web and mobile app development. We utilize advanced technologies to ensure project excellence.


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ReactJSReactJS VueJSVue

Map Frameworks

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Database stack

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"Your fleet management service has significantly streamlined our maintenance procedures. The real-time tracking and predictive maintenance features have helped us reduce downtime and cut unnecessary costs. We've seen a noticeable improvement in our fleet's performance since implementing your solution. Keep up the excellent work!"

Michael Chen

Fleet Maintenance Supervisor



"We've been utilizing your fleet management service for over a year now, and the impact it's had on our operations is remarkable. With the customizable features, we were able to integrate it seamlessly into our existing infrastructure, building upon it to tailor our own fleet management software. Kudos to your team for their continuous support and innovative solutions!"

Sarah Johnson

Operations Manager



"As a small business owner, managing our fleet efficiently is crucial for our bottom line. Your fleet management service has been a game-changer for us. It's user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting tools have enabled us to make data-driven decisions, resulting in cost savings and improved productivity. Thank you for providing such a valuable service!"

Emily Rodriguez


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