Embedded Development

ZedIoT's team uses AI, IoT, cloud computing, and big data to create flexible embedded applications for businesses, enabling innovation and intelligent transformation of equipment.

Embedded Development

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ZedIoT has rich MCU development experience and embedded Linux/OpenWRT/FreeRTOS development experience, and provides integrated embedded software and hardware development services based on customer business needs.

Embedded Software Development

rfid warehouse management

Operating system development

System integration ic

Driver Development

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Middleware development

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Application Development

HCI app development

Using encryption algorithms to protect the security of data transmission and storage.

Designing and implementing secure communication protocols to prevent unauthorized access and attacks.

Providing identity authentication and authorization management functions to ensure the security of the system.

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Embedded Hardware Development

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Circuit Design

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PCB Design


Schematic Design

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Microcontroller Development




Consumer Electronics

Providing embedded development services for various types of consumer electronic devices, including Android system applications and peripheral driver development, to realize device value-added.

Smart Home

Developing various smart home devices and system software to meet the demands of home intelligence, including customizations for Tuya ecosystem products and Metter protocol product development.

Industrial Automation

Offering software support for industrial control and automation equipment, such as PLC programming and monitoring system development; integrating edge computing algorithms to alleviate the computational pressure on the cloud.

Medical Electronics

Utilizing low-power wireless communication technology to develop wearable devices for collecting human health parameters; also providing embedded software development for medical equipment such as blood analyzers, monitors, and other medical electronic devices.

Automotive Electronics

Designing and developing electronic control systems and software for vehicles to enhance their safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.

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Security & Encryption

Encryption algorithms are used to protect the security of data transmission and storage.

Encryption algorithms are designed and implemented to secure communication protocols, preventing unauthorized access and attacks.

Provide identity authentication and authorization management functions to ensure the security of the system.

Success Cases
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Embedded development case

A Shanghai restaurant/bar integrated dining and entertainment. They bought many gaming devices, but coin-operated ones were dull and resource-intensive. We offered an integrated software/hardware solution to simplify purchasing and starting games. Customers can begin gaming by scanning a QR code or using an NFC wristband. Scores are sent to a mobile app for ranking, improving user experience.

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Embedded System Development

We created a fan health monitoring platform for a client in fan operations. The lower-level software processes sensor data by converting it through an FPGA in an industrial control computer. The processed data is then filtered and sent to an ARM box for edge computing, secondary filtering, and data collection according to upper computer instructions, including uploading and alarm functions.

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Embedded Development Case

An Australian elderly care institution is developing a smart health monitoring product to enhance care for the aging population by providing real-time monitoring and early health warnings, aiming to improve residents' safety and quality of life.


Embedded development case

The client group offers analyzer systems globally. We developed a system for managing medical equipment like blood analyzers, incorporating data analysis and alarm functions. It includes dynamic algorithms for reagent analysis, allowing fast batch testing of pathological data. The system operates as a standalone LIS system and integrates with hospital HIS systems.

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