IoT Device Management Solution

The IoT device management solution adopted by ZedIoT helps enterprises achieve the goal of rapid cloud and centralized management of equipment; Automatic configuration, fault detection, real-time monitoring, and remote control of the device to improve the operating efficiency and reliability.

Addressing the Challenges Faced by Local Equipment Manufacturers

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High operation and maintenance costs

Assist companies in resolving real issues faced by end customers in IoT device management, such as low management efficiency and high operational costs due to the lack of support from a digital platform.


Technical needs and business challenges

Customize digital management plan for traditional equipment manufacturers; provide mature IoT device management platform support and R&D team resources for customers with clear technical needs.

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Obtain and mine the value of data

After realizing the smart management of equipment, through data collection and storage, data cleaning and processing, data analysis and modeling, data visualization, etc., it will help enterprises tap more data value, and finally generate actual benefits.

Measures for IoT Device Transformation

The ZedIoT platform enhances IoT device management with professional support, driving business value and industry leadership through advanced digital management techniques.

Step 1: Adding Sensors and Communication Modules

Establish a communication environment for the device

By adding sensors and communication modules, traditional devices are connected to the Internet of Things to realize the collection and transmission of device data.

Step 2: Build a data collection and storage system

Collect device data

A data acquisition and storage system is established to store and manage the data collected by the device sensors in real time, which provides the basis for subsequent data analysis and utilization.

Step 3: Build a remote monitoring platform

Realize remote monitoring of equipment

Through cloud platform and Internet of Things technology, remote monitoring, fault detection and remote control of equipment are realized to improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment operation.

Step 4: Data analysis and decision support

Mining the value of data

Establish a data analysis and intelligent decision support system to analyze and mine equipment data, extract valuable information, and provide support and guidance for corporate decision-making.

IoT Device Management Solution Architecture

Support multiple protocol access, rapidly build IoT Device Management business scenarios, and enable remote control, monitoring, data collection, and analysis of devices, thereby enhancing device intelligence and market competitiveness.


Self-developed Zed-IoT Platform Features

Large screen customization

Gather multi-dimensional data for in-depth analysis, generate data insights and visual dashboards, and achieve unified management of 3D scene zoning and device regulatory data.

Device quick access

The platform supports fast access to multiple protocols and various types of devices in various industries, including a wide range of sensors, controllers, gateways, and more.

Equipment management

Supports users in adding/editing device information and enables remote control of devices and batch control command issuance; provides a graphical visualization of data.

Device configuration management

With flexible editing of visual components, quickly restore the device structure of the scene, and meet users' visualization monitoring needs for various types of devices.

User access management

Supports configuring appropriate functional permissions and user roles for different role-based users, helping administrators organize and manage personnel and resources effectively.

Device anomaly alarm

Supports customizing alarm rules and automatically matching alarm mechanisms when devices experience abnormalities, thereby improving device operational stability.

IoT Device Management Solution with R&D Capabilities

With advanced IoT hardware development capabilities, ZedIoT is uniquely positioned to offer a range of matching hardware devices, tailored to meet the varied and specific needs of a diverse customer base, ensuring compatibility and satisfaction.

ZedIoT Cloud IoT-related Technical Capabilities
  • Communication gateway: Edge computing/Bluetooth/Zigbee gateway
  • Sensing devices: various sensors and smart meters
  • Communication modules: CoR&D of communication modules for sensing

Solution Value


Reduce costs and increase efficiency

IoT device management enables remote monitor, predictive maintenance, and early detection of equipment failures, reducing downtime, and maintenance time, and improving overall efficiency and production.


Data-driven decision

Real-time collection of extensive device data enables more accurate information and insights through data analysis and mining, empowering enterprises to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and product quality.


Improve user satisfaction

Through remote monitoring, control and fault prediction, timely response to user needs, and providing more efficient service and support; Personalized customization and value-added services are more in line with customer needs.

IoT Device Management Application Scenario

In any industry, ZedIoT offers reliable, tailored solutions for those with mature hardware seeking intelligent IoT device management or a complete hardware-software IoT integration, meeting your specific needs.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Smart Agriculture

Medical Industry

Traditional manufacturing

Warehousing and logistics

Internet of Vehicles

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