Gas Environmental Safety Monitoring for an International Industrial Chemical Factory

Gas Environmental Safety Monitoring for an International Industrial Chemical Factory. ZEDIoT helps enterprises digitalize environmental monitoring

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Client Background

The client is an international company operating in multiple industries, including energy, chemicals, construction, environmental protection, and gas detection and respiratory protection equipment manufacturing. They provide environmental monitoring and remediation services, and their products are widely used in industries such as automotive, electronics, construction, and pharmaceuticals.

Client Objectives

The client needs a comprehensive solution for data acquisition, storage and analysis of gas detection equipment. This solution should involve gas detection equipment, Android mobile terminals, and a cloud service platform.

ZEDIoT Solution

Web terminal

Device Map: The app sends gas, user, device info, and GPS data to a cloud server for visual mapping.

Historical Data Query: Device data is stored in a database, viewable as line charts.

Alarm Data Query: Real-time alarms displayed on the map with access to historical records.

Report Management: Scheduled reports sent to customer emails with device and alarm info.

Android Mobile Terminal

Scheduled Data Collection: The app reads device parameters and gas values via Bluetooth.

Real-time Data Display: Gas, user, and device info is shown instantly.

Abnormal Data Alerts: Alarms trigger for abnormal gas data, aiding quick response.

App Version Upgrade: Automatic notifications for app version upgrades.

Tech Architecture


Real-World Results

successfully launched

after 3 months development and testing, our project launched successfully

real-time monitor

client can monitor their devices anytime, anywhere

expand market

client can reach bigger market by applying IoT technology

Team Structure

Product Manager (1 person)

Product Designer (1 person)

Architect (1 person)

Front-end Developers (1 person)

Back-end Developer (1 person)

APP Developer (1 person)

Test Engineer (1 person)

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