IoT Smart Hardware

Enable real-time data transmission and smart control between devices and the cloud using advanced IoT

technology and innovative design.


Multi-protocol Support

Supports various communication protocols, including MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and proprietary ones.


Multiple Interfaces

Supports multiple communication interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, Ethernet, etc.

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Safe & Stable

Ensuring secure IoT device-to-cloud communication with authentication and encryption.

Self-Developed Hardware Products

Smart Hardware

We have a professional hardware R&D team dedicated to developing innovative IoT smart hardware for a superior user experience. Through these hardware devices, users can easily achieve remote monitoring, smart home control, intelligent security, and more. Our developed products boast high reliability and stability, catering to the smart management needs across various industries.

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Smart Hardware

Tech Innovation

product has unique features and advantages.

High Standard

Strict quality control ensures product stability.


Deep dive into user needs, and support secondary development.

Industrial Application

Meet the diverse intelligent device needs of various industries.

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Human Presence & Temperature Sensor

Smart Monitoring Sensor

Combines presence & temperature sensors.

Millimeter-wave radar (6m range, 180° angle)

Diverse sensing capabilities

Multiple functions


Data to Cloud Device

Self-developed Hardware

RS-232/RS485 support

Bidirectional transmission assurance.

Connects to various sensor modules

Suitable for diverse scenarios.


Infrared Thermal Imaging Monitor

Innovative Products

Infrared camera for multi-face detection

Real-time human activity monitoring

Prioritizes user privacy during surveillance.

Efficient processors for fast detection.

Hardware Products


Gateway: Edge Computing / Bluetooth / Zigbee Gateway

Sensor: Various types of sensors/smart meters/medical wearable devices.

Communication Module: Customized Research and Development of Various Communication Sensing Modules


Industrial 4G Smart Gateway


Edge Computing Gateway

device hydrogen

Gas Sensors

device camera

Smart Camera

device fire detection

Smart Control Device

device Temperature humidity

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

device ammeter

Smart Meter


Medical Wearables

RFID flexible label




Logistic & Warehouse




Product Advantages

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Flexible Customization

Support for secondary development.

Provide industry-specific solutions.

Having strong compatibility and scalability.


Powerful Functionality

Can connect to various types of devices.

Precision in data processing and analytical capabilities.

Integrated Software-Hardware Management.

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Cost Effective

Mature and stable, transparent pricing.

Save on R&D costs with our cloud platform.

Provide professional team technical support.

Product Value

Enable data collection, analysis, and control for improved efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced security by connecting and integrating IoT devices and systems. Offer thousands of enterprises smarter, automated management, and decision support.

Save costs, improve efficiency

Smart hardware products can automate tasks, reduce manual intervention, improve production efficiency, and lower labor and energy costs.

Expand New Markets

Intelligent hardware boosts market expansion, caters to diverse customer needs, and enhances enterprise market share and competitiveness.

Promote Business Innovation

Smart hardware products, through technological innovation, provide more intelligent, convenient, and personalized services.

Why Choose ZedIoT?

Experienced Development

Over 10 years of experience in implementing the IoT), serving hundreds of industries and 2000+ clients.

Leading in Technology

Having a professional technical team capable of providing customers with high-quality Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Price Advantage

Competitive prices and flexible solutions, reliable quality, transparent pricing.

After-sales Guarantee

Provide high-quality support services, including training, technical support, and after-sales service.

Contact us, and our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible within 24 hours!

Industry Success Cases

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Selected Success Cases

Smart temperature patch product development

Client wants a consumer smart camera for daily use, allowing manual operation (endoscope/microscope) with real-time smartphone app viewing. It helps monitor teeth and skin for improved self-health awareness and medical decision-making.

Contact us and our experts will get back to you with more cases.