Meet Our Team

Jason Swartzman

Creative Director

Susan Whiting

Senior Copyrighter

Frank Simons

Sound Mixer & DJ

Mary Jane Strode

Head of PR 

Team Memenbers

Our team is stable and experienced.

  • About 70 R&D engineers
  • Includes teams from architecture, hardware, cloud, mobile, product design, QA, etc.
  • Delivered 40+ IoT platforms, connecting over a million devices.
  • Operating in diverse sectors, prioritizing industrial Internet, smart buildings, and cloud platforms.

Our Experts

Leading Your Projects with Industry's Top Experts

· IoT Solution Architects

- Expertise: Designing IoT architectures, protocols, and security measures.

- Value: Customized solutions for efficiency, scalability, and robust security.

· Embedded Systems Experts

- Expertise: Real-time operating systems, microcontroller programming, and firmware development.

- Value: Optimized performance, energy efficiency, and reliable embedded solutions.

· Edge Computing Experts

- Expertise: Data processing at the edge, fog computing, and real-time analytics.

- Value: Immediate insights, reduced latency, and efficient bandwidth usage.

· Cloud Service Experts

- Expertise: Cloud infrastructure, virtualization, and IoT platform integration.

- Value: Scalable solutions, robust security, and seamless IoT cloud management.

· Industrial IoT (IoT) Engineers

- Expertise: SCADA systems, predictive maintenance, and industrial automation.

- Value: Enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, and actionable insights.

· Energy Management Experts

- Expertise: Smart grid technology, energy optimization algorithms, and sustainability practices.

- Value: Energy conservation, cost savings, and alignment with environmental regulations.

· Smart Home Specialists

- Expertise: Home automation protocols, intelligent sensors, and user experience


- Value: Intelligent living spaces, energy efficiency, and personalized comfort.

· Healthcare IoT Experts

- Expertise: Remote patient monitoring, medical device integration, and healthcare data security.

- Value: Enhanced patient care, streamlined operations, and compliance withmedical standards.

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