Smart Gateway

Self-developed IoT Smart Gateway Products


Multi-protocol Support

Supports various communication protocols, including MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and proprietary ones


Multiple Interfaces

Supports multiple communication interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, Ethernet, etc.

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Safe & Stable

Ensuring secure IoT device-to-cloud communication with authentication and encryption.

Self-developed IoT Smart Gateway

Smart Gateway

Cloud Smart Gateway integrates a variety of communication interfaces and protocols to connect and manage communications between IoT devices and cloud platforms. It is widely used in smart homes, industrial automation, smart cities and other fields. It can realize interconnection and interoperability between different devices and improve the overall efficiency and intelligence level of the Internet of Things system.


Self-development Smart Gateway

Device Access

Support N+ Mainstream IoT Protocols

Data Processing

Collect data and send to cloud for processing and analysis

Custom Development

Customized secondary development based on user needs

Industry Application

Meet the access needs of different devices in various industries


Industrial 4G gateway

ZED-G308B Industrial 4G Smart Gateway

The device has a powerful quad-core 64-bit processor, the RK3308B, designed for IoT applications. It supports 4G LTE, NB-IoT, and LoRa communication protocols, making it a top choice for IoT innovation.


Edge Computing Gateway

ZED-Ei7165U Edge Computing Gateway

Supports 5G Release 16 network access, powerful edge computing capabilities, supports lightweight edge AI applications, and features rich interfaces for easy integration with various devices.


4G gateway

ZED-G3257 4G IoT Gateway

Integrated with 4GLTE, Wi-Fi, serial ports, Ethernet ports, and other technologies, supporting universal protocols such as Modbus-RTU/PLC protocol parsing and transparent transmission.


DTU Gateway

ZED-G3210 4G Intelligent Gateway

This device can connect to the customer's self-built server, and it is compatible with various standard IoT transmission protocols. It meets diverse requirements for the unlimited uploading of serial port data to the server.


Customized Gateway

ZED Customized Gateway

Customized gateways can be provided based on business requirements, supporting common generic protocols and industry-specific protocols. Designed for industrial-grade applications, they exhibit high reliability.


Communication Module

ZED-M2920 Communication Module

Abundant hardware interfaces meet various design requirements, compatible with classic series modules; rich software features suitable for use in diverse settings.



Logistic & Warehouse




Product Advantages

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Flexible Customization

Support for secondary development.

Provide industry-specific solutions.

Having strong compatibility and scalability.


Powerful Functionality

Can connect to various types of devices.

Precision in data processing and analytical capabilities.

Integrated Software-Hardware Management.

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Cost Effective

Mature and stable, transparent pricing.

Save on R&D costs with our cloud platform.

Provide professional team technical support.

Product Value

Enable data collection, analysis, and control for improved efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced security by connecting and integrating IoT devices and systems. Offer thousands of enterprises smarter, automated management, and decision support.

60% boost in efficiency

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway to connect devices to the cloud, enabling intelligent online management to enhance efficiency.

Improve facility safety

Real-time monitoring for operational safety, online fault troubleshooting, remote maintenance to ensure equipment safety

Empower Digital Value

Conduct in-depth algorithmic analysis on the collected data to unearth potential data value.

Why Choose ZedIoT?

R&D Experienced

Over 10 years of Internet of Things (IoT) implementation experience, serving hundreds of industries and 2000+ clients.

Leading in Technology

Having a professional technical team capable of providing customers with high-quality Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Price Advantage

Competitive prices and flexible solutions, reliable quality, transparent pricing.

After-sales Guarantee

Provide high-quality support services, including training, technical support, and after-sales service.

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Success Cases

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Industry Case

The client, a smart wireless sensor manufacturer, faced limitations in Bluetooth range affecting user experience. We addressed this by custom-developing a Bluetooth gateway using an embedded system based on OpenWrt, overcoming communication distance restrictions.

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