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IoT Products

Endless Possibilities: Discover the Power of IoT with Our Cutting-Edge IoT Products

IoT Platforms

A universal platform that is compatible with various scenarios.


ZedIoT possesses the capability for hardware device development and innovation.

ZedIoT Universal Platform

Building Tomorrow's Networks: Specialized IoT Platform Solutions

All-in-One Dashboard

Rapid Device Cloud Integration

Remote Management

Agile Development

Hardware Development

Our hardware devices, including gateways and communication modules, are designed to provide reliable, efficient connectivity. Tailored to your specific needs with advanced technology, experience the power of next-generation communication.

Intelligent Monitoring


device hydrogen

Sensors provide real-time data acquisition, enabling precise and immediate detection of environmental changes or specific conditions.

Self-developed Hardware


In-house IoT products enable precise customization, cost control by reducing third-party expenses, and seamless integration into existing systems for enhanced compatibility within the IoT ecosystem.


Innovative Devices


IoT Products innovation offers a competitive edge with unique features, adaptability to emerging tech, and full IP ownership for control over development and market positioning.

More IoT Products ZedIoT Work With


Industrial Personal Computer


Smart Cabinet

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Smart Gateway

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Air Condition Controller

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Temperature Sensor


Smart Switch

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Smart Camera


Air Quality Detector

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Smart Plug

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Smart Metering Socket


Flow Sensor


Vibration Monitoring Module

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