Intelligent Wind Farm Monitoring Solution

The Wind Turbine Health Monitoring Platform collects operational data of wind turbines using various instruments, sensors, etc. After performing edge computing, the data is uploaded to the wind farm server through a gateway. Based on the collected data, the platform analyzes the operational status of the wind turbines, promptly detects warning signs, and takes necessary measures to ensure the safe operation of the turbines.

Solution Background

Traditional wind turbine management is facing numerous challenges and often finds itself in a reactive mode. To address this, it is necessary to install corresponding sensing devices within the wind turbine structural system and utilize online monitoring technologies to achieve real-time sensing of operational conditions and timely warnings of equipment hazards. This assists managers in making informed decisions and issuing appropriate instructions, enabling early detection and prompt mitigation of potential accidents, ensuring the reliable operation of the structure in a consistently good condition.

Solution Overview

Monitoring Data Collection

By integrating sensor technology, signal processing techniques, and computer technology, real-time continuous monitoring of wind turbine generators is conducted. The system collects data and sends it to the on-site server in the control room for processing, storage, and data analysis display.

Algorithm Analysis and Research & Development

The wind turbine monitoring system and computational methods are based on edge computing and data analysis. The collected data is processed using deep learning models through edge computing. The processed results are then stored in a server and used for generating wind turbine control commands.

Alarm System Notifications

Multiple-dimensional warning and alarm settings ensure the safety of the system and devices. Alarm notifications are available through the LAN Web and the App, supporting multiple notification methods such as email and SMS.

Expert Diagnostic Service

The Remote Monitoring Center is equipped with a comprehensive process for unit fault warning, emergency fault handling, expert consultation, and on-site diagnostic services. It has the capability to promptly respond to any anomalies in the units and provide continuous support until the issue is resolved.

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