Intelligent Wind Farm Monitoring Solution

The Wind Turbine Health Monitoring Platform collects operational data of wind turbines using various instruments, sensors, etc. After performing edge computing, the data is uploaded to the wind farm server through a gateway. Based on the collected data, the platform analyzes the operational status of the wind turbines, promptly detects warning signs, and takes necessary measures to ensure the safe operation of the turbines.

Solution Background

Traditional wind turbine management is facing numerous challenges and often finds itself in a reactive mode. To address this, it is necessary to install corresponding sensing devices within the wind turbine structural system and utilize online monitoring technologies to achieve real-time sensing of operational conditions and timely warnings of equipment hazards. This assists managers in making informed decisions and issuing appropriate instructions, enabling early detection and prompt mitigation of potential accidents, ensuring the reliable operation of the structure in a consistently good condition.


Safety concerns


economic losses

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turbine failures

Solution Components

  • Wind Turbine Gear Vibration Monitoring
  • Wind Tower Settlement and Inclination Monitoring System
  • Blade Condition Monitoring System
Wind Turbine Gear Vibration Monitoring
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turbine vibration monitoring

tracking fault frequencies of major components, and operational status

Configure settings for total vibration value, broadband energy, narrowband energy, time-domain waveform, power spectral density curve, long data acquisition, envelope spectrum parameters, and SFI (Spectral Fatigue Index) parameters.

Wind Tower Settlement and Inclination Monitoring System
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tower Real-time monitoring

Settlement, Sway Displacement, Stiffness Circle Analysis

Wind turbine tower sway, tilt, and uneven settlement monitoring system for ensuring tower safety. It provides real-time monitoring of tower tilt angle, sway displacement, and uneven settlement of the tower base.

Blade Condition Monitoring System

Blade condition monitoring

Diagnostic Analysis: Changes in Natural Frequencies, Imbalance of the Three Blades

Users can analyze turbine blade conditions systematically using various diagnostic tools. These tools detect trends in blade natural frequencies, imbalance, similarity among the three blades, effective values, and frequency amplitude scatter plots.

Solution Main Functions

Monitoring Data Collection

Integrating sensor tech, signal processing, and computing enables real-time wind turbine monitoring. Data is collected and sent to the control room server for processing and analysis.

Algorithm Development

Edge computing and deep learning analyze data, generating control commands for wind turbines based on processed results stored in a server.

Alarm Notifications

Multiple warning settings ensure system safety, with notifications available via LAN Web and App, supporting email and SMS alerts.

Expert Diagnostics

The Remote Monitoring Center offers fault warning, emergency handling, expert consultation, and on-site diagnostics to promptly address issues until resolved.

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Solution Features

Integrated Management

Unified deployment, maintenance, monitoring, and display for smart wind farms.

On-Demand Configuration

Flexible application and device setup based on project needs, with role-specific access and permissions.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Standardized management reduces maintenance cycles and lowers staffing and operational costs, improving work efficiency.

Quality and Safety

ZedIoT merges sensors, edge computing, cloud computing, and manual inspections to address quality, and predictive maintenance.

Solution Hardware and On-site Deploy

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