IoT Hardware PoC, Design & Development

ZedIoT offers a one-stop IoT hardware development process from designing, prototyping, and manufacturing complete and inventive embedded hardware (System on Modules and Embedded Boards) and IoT gateways.

Hardware Development Service

Empowering Innovation: Tailored Solutions in Hardware Development

Customized Development of IoT Gateways

Discover our custom IoT gateway development solutions for seamless integration and optimal performance, propelling your business into the future of connectivity.

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Device IoT Upgrading and Transformation

Upgrade and transform your devices with Device IoT Upgrading and Transformation for advanced capabilities and efficiencies in your IoT ecosystem.

Smart Hardware Development

Dive into the future with Smart Hardware Development—an exploration of advanced technology shaping intelligent devices for a connected world.



Customized Development of IoT Gateways

Specializing in the customization of gateway devices for clients, our expertise enables the uploading of device data to their servers for subsequent display and analysis. Our solutions further facilitate remote monitoring of wired and wireless devices in a deployed environment. Development services encompass the customization of public protocols and the development of private protocols.

  • Custom data protocols/collection rules/alarm adaptation.
  • Equipped with edge computing capabilities
Wireless Communication Gateway
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Device IoT Upgrading and Transformation

We provide IoT solutions for device upgrading, remote monitoring, and traceability.

Our services install communication modules to enable direct cloud data upload, enhancing maintenance convenience and troubleshooting.

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Rapid and Efficient Integration

Leveraging existing client devices along with our IoT devices to swiftly integrate.

Remote Control and Maintenance

monitor device status and data acquisition, reducing onsite manpower.

Easy to Upgrade

Equipped with remote OTA functionality for convenient future program upgrades





Smart Hardware Development

Through the utilization of advanced technologies, traditional hardware products are enriched with advanced intelligence, enabling the development of smarter, more convenient, and more efficient applications.

Smart Hardware Design

  • Hardware circuit design
  • Physical design
  • Structural design

Embedded Systems Development

  • Embedded software
  • Driver programs,
  • Communication protocols

Intelligent Algorithm Development

  • Data processing algorithms R&D
  • AI
  • Machine learning

Cloud Technology Support

  • Cloud services,
  • Defining network protocols

How to Develop Your Own

Hardware Product

01. Concept Validation

This stage aims to validate the feasibility and practicality of the initial concept.

06. Test and Mass Proudction

Conduct functional testing, performance testing, and reliability verification on the prototypes and scale up .

05. Prototype Manufacturing

Manufacture prototype devices based on the PCB layout.

02. Requirements Analysis

Determine the product's functional requirements, performance metrics, and user demands.

03. Circuit Design

Design the circuit diagram and schematic for the IoT device.

04. PCB Layout

Transform the circuit design into an actual PCB layout.

ZedIoT Quality Assurance

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Quality Control Standards

ZedIoT places a strong emphasis on product quality and has obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Materials and Supply Chain

We have stable partnerships with reputable suppliers carefully selecting materials.

Reliability Testing

ZedIoT boasts a team of dedicated testing professionals who conduct a variety of reliability tests.

Safety Certification

ZedIoT guarantees products comply with industry standards.


ZedIoT offers tech support and business value through device management. We help enterprises excel.

What are the key considerations for PoC in IoT hardware development?

To succeed in IoT hardware development, validate core functionalities of the proposed solution through real-world testing to address challenges early on.

How does the IoT hardware design phase affect project success?

Design is crucial in IoT hardware development, considering power consumption, form factor, and compatibility. A well-planned design ensures efficient functionality, scalability, and seamless integration into the IoT ecosystem.

How can effective prototyping be ensured in IoT hardware development?

Efficient IoT hardware prototyping involves rapid iterations, agile methodologies, and advanced simulation tools for quick adjustments and improvements based on feedback and testing.

IoT hardware: challenges, opportunities, and success strategies?

Challenges in IoT hardware development: power, security, interoperability. Solutions: testing, refinement, standards. Opportunities: innovation, sustainable design, emerging tech. Success needs a holistic approach.

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