Customized development of energy consumption monitoring platform for university buildings

Discover how we customized an energy consumption monitoring platform for a comprehensive energy service provider

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Client Background

The client is a leading EPC provider in the energy industry, has embarked on a university campus water and electricity monitoring project. They've turned to us for expertise in customizing an energy consumption monitoring platform to support the project's success.

Client Objectives

The client hopes to develop a system to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

ZEDIoT Solution

Energy consumption monitoring platform

Monitor and manage energy consumption by this platform

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption

By installing sensors and metering devices, it enables real-time consumption monitoring

Data collect and analyze

Help optimize decisions by data analyzing

System Display


Real-world Results

Successfully tracked energy consumption on campus

Quickly identify abnormal devices

Water consumption is significantly reduced

Team Structure

Product Manager (1 person)

Product Designer (1 person)

Front-end Developers (1 person)

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