Domestic Research and Development of Medical Industry Equipment

We have successfully assisted mandy clients in achieving digital transformation through IoT-based solutions or products, creating industry value that exceeds their initial expectations.

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Challenges faced by traditional medical equipment sellers

Our client is a large domestic medical equipment vendor that primarily sells overseas medical devices and instruments. In recent years, they have gradually shifted towards domestic production and the development of domestic medical equipment brands. While the client possesses rich knowledge and technical background in the field of medical devices, they lack the necessary research and development talents. Furthermore, their new products need to demonstrate superior functionality and efficiency to be innovative and ahead of the competition.

Despite their extensive knowledge and technical background in the medical device industry, they face a challenge in the form of a lack of research and development talent. Additionally, their new products need to be leaders in terms of functionality and efficiency, requiring innovation. To address these challenges, they approached the team at ZedIoT for assistance. They hoped to leverage our strengths in hardware driving, software interaction, cloud platform development, data analysis, algorithm computation, and complement it with our industry knowledge, to customize a fully automated cell analysis system and a cloud-based operation and maintenance management platform.

How we addressed the client's business challenges

Developing indigenous medical devices and IoT solutions in the healthcare industry is a challenging process that requires a strong team with expertise. It necessitates the formulation of sound development plans and risk management strategies, continuous innovation and improvement, collaboration with relevant stakeholders, and adherence to applicable regulations and standards to ensure the success of indigenous medical device development and IoT solutions. Data security and privacy concerns, in particular, were a significant worry for the client. We assigned experienced technical experts to engage with the client, and together, we implemented appropriate encryption and security measures to alleviate their concerns.

Upgrade and transformation of medical equipment using IoT

After initial validation, we developed a customized analysis and control system for the client, specifically designed for operating and controlling a particular instrument. Through dynamic algorithms and reagent analysis, we achieved fully automated high-speed batch testing for various pathological data.

This system not only serves as a standalone LIS (Laboratory Information System), but can also seamlessly integrate with the hospital's HIS (Hospital Information System). We enabled unmanned, automated testing of devices such as lasers and electron microscopes, generating reports based on predefined templates. The entire system consists of a control and analysis terminal, a client-side operation terminal, and an equipment operation and monitoring terminal. Additionally, we established an IoT cloud platform to track device information and operational status through a dedicated network. This allows for remote debugging, periodic inspections, and remote troubleshooting, enabling smart operation and maintenance. As a result, it reduces the on-site presence time of after-sales personnel, minimizes the need for manual equipment operation and maintenance, and improves operational efficiency, thus saving costs.

The business upgrade of the client company

The domestic medical equipment developed by the client has been successfully deployed in dozens of major hospitals, receiving unanimous acclaim from hospitals and laboratories for its high-speed and efficient testing capabilities, rich data content, and user-friendly operation management interface. Our solution has also significantly reduced the operational burden on the client's maintenance team. The client continues to collaborate with us to explore the development of new products in other relevant categories, contributing to advancements in medical technology.