Smart Endoscope Device for Home Medical Use

Smart Endoscope Device for Home Medical Use

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Project Background

The client's department, which produces cameras, wishes to create a consumer-grade daily-use smart camera device. This product would allow users to manually operate the camera device (such as an endoscope or microscope) and be paired with software on smartphones. Users would be able to view real-time images of their teeth and skin conditions captured by the camera, thus helping them stay informed about their physical well-being and assisting them in making healthcare decisions.

Product Composition

The hardware component of this product consists of a main body and three interchangeable cameras, allowing flexible configurations as a microscope, endoscope, and other forms. The software we are developing for the customer includes a user website, iOS, and Android clients. The client application connects to the device via WiFi, enabling users to view real-time image data, take photos, record videos, and engage in sharing and communication.

Product Showcase

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