Monitoring Platform for an Industrial Safety Equipment Manufacturer in Shanghai

ZEDIoT has provided tailored Monitoring Platforms for an Industrial Safety Equipment Manufacturer in Shanghai

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Client Background

The client is a listed high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales, and service of industrial safety monitoring products. Serving thousands of factories, their product portfolio mainly includes intelligent sensors, instruments, alarm control systems, and supporting facilities in the safety monitoring field.

Client Objectives

The client aimed to have a customized equipment management platform tailored to their business needs. This platform would be provided to various companies nationwide to achieve real-time sensor monitoring, early warning alerts, and remote control functionalities, ultimately reducing equipment losses and improving utilization

ZEDIoT Solution

Customizable alarm parameters

Quick identification and resolution of alarm triggers

Remote device linkage mechanism

Clickable buttons in monitoring details for timely loss prevention

Multi-level user scheme

Manage equipment at different levels, more flexible

Intelligent inspection

Automated, manual, scheduled inspections,

Project Progress

Phase 1

Integrate, monitor, and warn of 20+ device types. Create a custom data dashboard

Phase 2

Develop client-specific device config and multi-level monitoring.

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Real-World Results

50% Reduction
in labour management
32% Reduction
in failure rates
50% Reduction
in maintenance costs