Smart Infant Crying Detection Product Development

A solution for child care using Zigbee technology monitors children's crying and determines the reasons behind infants' crying.

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Project Background

When it comes to caring for newborns, especially for novice mothers, it is crucial to pay attention to the baby's health and safety in addition to meeting their basic needs such as feeding, diaper changing, and ensuring sufficient sleep. One common way infants express discomfort is through crying. However, due to various reasons such as maternal fatigue, illness, or social pressures, mothers often struggle to promptly recognize their baby's cries. This can result in prolonged discomfort for the baby and increased caregiving pressure for the new mothers.

To assist novice mothers in taking better care of their babies, the client has collaborated with the ZedIoT team to develop a crucial smart device that can monitor infant crying in real time. This device should have accurate detection capabilities, support remote monitoring, be compact and user-friendly, and prioritize security and privacy protection. It will serve as an efficient, precise, user-friendly, and highly practical smart healthcare device.

Project Requirements

Accurate and Reliable:

The product needs to accurately detect children's cries and eliminate other noise interference.

Remote Monitoring:

The child crying monitoring device should support remote monitoring, allowing parents to stay informed about their child's status anytime, anywhere.

Security and Privacy:

The product requires measures to protect user privacy and ensure the security of their data and information.

Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly:

The product should incorporate a low-power consumption design and minimize its impact on the environment.

Cost Controllable:

To make the product accessible to a broader audience, cost control is important. Consideration can be given to using cost-effective materials and designs.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements mentioned above, this is a typical application where user data is collected and accessed through a mobile phone. We will implement the solution using the Tuya Zigbee scheme. The main tasks involved are as follows:

Hardware Design:

The initial step is to design the hardware, which includes modules for collecting children's crying sounds, signal processing, and the Tuya Zigbee module. Hardware design must consider aspects such as power supply safety.

Sound Collection:

Children's crying sounds are collected using a microphone module. During the data collection process, careful design of filters and other signal processing algorithms is necessary to reduce interference from environmental noise.

Signal Processing:

Signal processing is the core of the entire product. It involves multi-level signal analysis and feature extraction from the collected sound data. Accurate determination of whether the child is crying is achieved through algorithms such as machine learning and deep neural networks. The information is then quickly communicated to the parents' mobile phones.

Communication Module Design:

Using the Tuya Zigbee module, the detection results are sent to the parents' mobile phones or other specified devices, enabling parents to promptly understand the child's situation. Additionally, the design and development of the mobile application should provide an enhanced user experience.

Testing and Improvement:

After the development of the child crying monitoring device, comprehensive testing is conducted, including performance testing and user experience testing. Based on the test results and user feedback, continual improvement of the product design and performance is carried out to enhance reliability and stability.

Project Highlights

  1. By accurately identifying the reasons behind a baby's crying, the product can help alleviate the pressure on caregivers.
  2. It enables timely and effective assessment of emergency situations, reducing the likelihood of potential risks to the baby.
  3. The product is made using environmentally friendly materials that pose no harm to the baby.

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