Equipment Asset Management Solution

ZedIoT provides customers with asset-tracking management solutions based on RFID technology, the main purpose is to achieve the realization of assets through radio frequency identification technology

Real-time location and monitoring to improve the efficiency and accuracy of asset management.

Pain Points of Enterprise Asset Management

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The asset management process is cumbersome

Businesses can spend a lot of time and effort implementing cumbersome asset management processes, with an impact on productivity and employee experience


Large-scale assets are lost and wasted

For large-scale assets, it can be difficult to accurately track and locate their location and status, resulting in lost or forgotten assets, resulting in wasted assets and additional costs.


Asset maintenance and repair are difficult

It is difficult for enterprises to accurately grasp the status and maintenance needs of equipment and facilities, resulting in high equipment failure rates and high maintenance costs.

Core Solution Measures

ZedIoT IoT platform will not only provide customers with professional technical support in equipment asset management to explore more business value but it will also help customer companies stay at the leading level in the industry through digital management methods.

RFID inventory smart management solution

Automatically identify the entry and exit of equipment and facilities and automatically generate records

By installing RFID tags on assets and using RFID readers and related software to automatically identify, record and manage assets; provide early warning for abnormal data and improve the accuracy of entry and exit.

Device positioning and material tracking solution

Real-time grasp of equipment location and status to achieve efficient management

Utilize the Internet of Things technology to help enterprises track and monitor the location and status of assets such as equipment and facilities in real time, and improve the refinement of asset management.

Asset management system customized development solution

Customize an asset management system that meets the actual needs of the enterprise

According to the management needs of the enterprise, design and develop an asset management system with personalized functions and processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of asset management.

RFID Inventory Smart Management Solution

The RFID asset input and output automatic identification solution can realize the automation and accuracy of enterprise asset management, improve the efficiency and accuracy of asset input and output, and reduce manual operations and errors. At the same time, real-time monitoring and alarm function to strengthen asset safety management.

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RFID electronic tags

The goods information is stored in the electronic tags and is automatically identified and recorded when the goods enter and exit the warehouse, including the type, quantity, and specification.

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RRFID handheld card reader

With strong RF penetration, and support for multi-label reading, 2000 labels can be read and written about 10S; Suitable for flexible inventory, data collection, and other working environments.

Group 1397
RFID ceiling reader

High-end RF SOC chip, integrates advanced anti-collision algorithm with strong anti-interference, no manual participation; features automatic identification, tracking, regional positioning, collection and more.

rfid flow chart
Product arrival
Affix a unique RFID tag code to the product
The reader is installed at the entrance and exit of the warehouse, which can automatically identify and generate the record of the warehouse entry and exit
Product in and out of finished product warehouse

Device Positioning and Material Tracking Solution

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RFID positioning solution

Suitable for warehouse, production line, office and other indoor scenes

Install RFID tags for assets, install RFID readers at key locations, and the readers will scan the surrounding RFID tags to determine the location of the assets through signal strength and multi-point positioning algorithms.

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UWB locating scheme

Applicable to indoor positioning scenarios such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls, and medical services

Use wireless communication and positioning technology to locate assets in real time. By installing location tags or receivers on assets and deploying location base stations inside buildings or facilities, the location and movement of assets can be tracked in real-time.

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GPS positioning scheme

Suitable for outdoor asset tracking scenarios such as vehicles and boats

A GPS locator is installed on the equipment and facilities to obtain the location information of the assets through satellite signals.

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Bluetooth positioning solution

Suitable for indoor scenarios such as shopping malls and office

By installing Bluetooth tags or receivers on equipment and facilities, the system can determine the location of assets through the strength of Bluetooth signals and multi-point positioning algorithms.

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Video positioning solution

Suitable for indoor and outdoor asset tracking scenarios

By installing cameras at key locations and utilizing image recognition and analysis algorithms, the system can monitor and track the location and movement of assets in real time.

Asset Management System Customized Development Solution

ZedIoT provides personalized and customized development services based on the specific management needs of enterprises. It also offers secondary development based on its self-developed management platform to enhance asset management efficiency and accuracy.

- Asset management

Record the asset information of the enterprise, including the type, quantity, status and location of the asset; Manage the asset retirement and disposal process, including the approval process, reasons for retirement and disposal methods.

- Purchasing management

Supplier information management and maintenance, asset purchase application, budget approval process automation.

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- Transfer lease

Record and manage the transfer and utilization process of assets, including the approval process, transfer personnel and time.

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- Warehouse management

Through RFID technology, the automatic identification of equipment assets in and out of the warehouse can be realized, the automation and accuracy of enterprise asset management can be realized, and the efficiency and accuracy of asset in and out of the warehouse can be improved.

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- Position monitoring

By using technologies such as tags or barcodes, you can track and locate your assets so that equipment assets can be quickly located when needed.

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- Efficient inventory

The use of RFID tags to achieve rapid inventory and inventory of assets to ensure the accuracy and integrity of assets.

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- Maintenance inspection

Quick upload of inspection results by scanning code inspection and other technical means; Record and manage asset maintenance schedule, maintenance history, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the asset.

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- Data analysis

Generate asset reports and analyses, including metrics such as asset value, asset utilization, and asset depletion, to help decision-makers make sound decisions.

Asset Dashboard

Solution Value

Improve management efficiency

The asset tracking management solution based on RFID technology can automatically identify and record asset information, optimize the asset management process, reduce labor costs, and improve the automation level of asset management.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Through real-time monitoring and positioning, enterprises can reduce asset loss, maintenance, and management costs, better understand asset usage, optimize asset allocation, and improve asset utilization.

Asset maintenance optimization

Through RFID technology, enterprises can accurately understand the maintenance and repair needs of assets, carry out preventive maintenance in advance, and reduce the equipment failure rate and maintenance costs.

Data decision support

RFID technology can collect a large amount of asset data, through data analysis and mining, to provide enterprises with accurate asset information and decision support, optimize asset management strategies.


Application Scenario

ZedIoT equipment asset management solutions are widely used in logistics tracking, commodity inventory, vehicle management, personnel management, asset management, cold chain management and production process control, and other scenarios.

Warehouse management

Logistics tracking

Inventory verification

Cold chain management

Fleet management

Asset management

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