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Explore LoRaWAN Inifity Possiblites

LoRaWAN's distinctive capability to function in both public and private networks, including the utilization of satellite communications, offers a flexible business model while ensuring reliable and secure coverage for accessing real-time data. The application areas encompass asset tracking, smart agriculture, sustainable smart cities, and satellite coverage.

LoRaWAN Applications

LoRaWAN Network Architecture


LoRaWAN architecture comprises end devices (nodes), gateways, network servers, and application servers. Sensors, serving as end devices, collect and transmit data to nearby gateways. These gateways act as intermediaries, forwarding the data to the network server, which manages communication between devices and applications.

End Node

Typically various sensors for data collection and switch control.


LoRa gateway that encapsulates and forwards collected node data.

Network Server

Primarily responsible for integrity checks of uplink and downlink packets.


Mainly handles OTAA device activation, application data encryption/decryption.

Advantages of LoRaWAN

Long Range & Deep Penetration

Sensors can communicate with the gateway up to 50 km in open areas and up to 10 km in urban settings, eliminating the need for complex coverage analysis.

Low Power

Low bit rates and asynchronous protocols help sensors save energy, enabling them to transmit minimal data bits when needed, extending battery life up to 10 years.

Build-in Security

Network server security validates devices on the network, while secure applications safeguard user data.

LoRa incorporates AES-128 encryption as a standard feature.

Low Cost

LoRa gateways operate without needing a session, simplifying setup and reducing costs. LoRaWAN uses free frequency bands, making it cost-effective.


Services We Can Help You With

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ZedIoT Case Study

Case Studies

  • Agriculture

Client's Needs:

An Australian agricultural company aimed to optimize water usage for crop irrigation, reduce costs, and improve overall farm efficiency.


Our team implemented a LoRaWAN-based precision irrigation system. Soil moisture sensors, equipped with LoRaWAN communication modules, were strategically placed across the farm. These sensors continuously monitored soil moisture levels and transmitted data wirelessly to a centralized LoRaWAN gateway.


The client gained real-time insights into soil conditions, enabling precise irrigation control. The LoRaWAN network facilitated seamless communication over the vast farm, reducing water consumption by 20% and increasing crop yield. The client achieved cost savings while promoting sustainable farming practices.