Smart Building Energy Management Platform for a Provincial Government Office

Utilizing IoT and various devices, intelligent control can be achieved through a combination of commuting time, and environmental monitoring. This enables intelligent and flexible management in various office scenarios.

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Client Background

the client is a government service center occupying a 40,000-square-meter, 12-story building with 467 offices and 28 conference rooms, serving over 30 departments.

Client Objectives

The client’s demand is to use the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, through the wireless connection, to achieve intelligent transformation of the office building, scene control, the overall programmer construction is convenient, does not affect the normal office.

Through the use of information technology for various types of equipment using any combination of intelligent control, through the combination of commuting time timing, human body monitoring, environmental monitoring, so as to achieve a variety of office scenarios of intelligent and flexible management; control scheme and scene can be configured arbitrarily according to the personalised needs of the exhibition. 

ZEDIoT Solution

Visualization Dashboard

Access via web browser for equipment status and energy analysis, consolidating data.

Management Platform

Provides statistical analysis, visual displays, real-time alerts for equipment anomalies, and safety status.

Mobile App

Allows flexible device supervision include adding devices, sharing, monitoring, and QR code scanning

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Functional Features

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Real-time monitoring of device status with visual display of device parameters

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Timely alerts for device abnormalities, facilitating switch to backup devices to ensure service quality

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Intelligent planning of device inspection cycles for precise management

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Smart alerts for device maintenance, prolonging device lifespan

Real-world Results

Energy Saving

This energy management platform helps in equipment energy consumption saving

More Clients

This platform has been adopted by other government agencies

Team Structure

Product Manager (1 person)

Product Designer (1 person)

Architect (1 person)

Front-end Developers (1 person)

Back-end Developer (1 person)

Test Engineer (1 person)

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